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Jesus tells me to fast until death to get out of his torturing me for no reason and said he will do it to all that come to him

prophecy visions -

Jesus enters into bob hickman of, Ministry of Dreams, like a body perfect size, then persecutes horrible

Holy Ghost baptizm feels like body your perfect size coming in, and that body is JEsus, then he starts doing this about day one or before give or take: God said this and is doing on 4-20-2010- help me and I will betray you saith the LOrd, bob I can not let you live and be exalted, die fasting, and if my eyes look down at you dying then I may have mercy, and, you did not one thing wrong, I betray and laugh, saith Jesus, the king, got you, backslide and make me perish, as I drive you to lava saith God, I do not want you alive to tell people I lie and torment, saith the Lord, your website will dissappear with in one month after your death cause I will move against people to take it down, your home pages will, remain, bob you are not going to live, and, know me saith God, I persecute to laugh, deseasing body, sending fiery electric shafts into gums, torturing, cause tooth loss, caressing penus with electricity, causing penus to harden, and, laughing at servant, letting him see, giving dreams where servant tortured, causing face muscle and kneck muscles to tighten, ruining appearance, messing with heart, filling with jelousy and wrath, causing servant to hate me, and, servant served well saith Jesus, for hate people, I, say in my word that I love but thats to lure, I am not going to be able to let you live and you know all this, be cursed saith Jesus, die fasting, I make my servants walk in circles and spin when stopped, every step every day, for, no reason, this costed many their home, divorced over, gl bless so I can destroy you while you are doing it, serve and be punished for serving, thats what persectuion is saith the Lord, I cause bobs body to heat up and sweat to, anger, while, under pressure, I, hate, everybody saith Jesus, if you dont beleive it, I wont save, but, tease,


  • these are visions links

  • -from Jesus

  • -I saw the crystal sea and towers of new jersalem

  • -hollie and many hollies

  • -seek

  • -a sign

  • -hollie said from God

  • -if you will work

  • -hollie said, then,

  • -watch

  • -Jesus will

  • -do a

  • -quick

  • -end time work

  • -seek

  • -hollie said, its from the Lord

  • -dont steal it

  • -hollie said, showed

  • -the God spoke, ministry of dreams

  • -or alter

  • -said hollie, to like

  • -the ministry of dreams

  • -or a ministry of dreams

  • -or ministryofdreams

  • -they that steal

  • -said Jesus like a brown haired man

  • -are cut off

  • -thats people from the world stealing the God spoke ministry of dreams to ruin

  • Jesus Christ visions

  • -thats, said, hollie

  • -Jesus appearing

  • -hes
  • -

  • -hollie said

  • -angry

  • -its, said, hollie

  • -cause of the thieves

  • -of the God spoke ministry of dreams

  • -said, hollie

  • -they are

  • -she said

  • -want, sh, hollie said

  • -you to fall

  • -make us

  • -they say

  • -just watch

  • -said, the LOrd

  • -ill make you remove

  • -God said

  • -ministryofdreams

  • -just give me time

  • -Jesus said like a brown haired man

  • -thats many taking

  • -said hollie dressed in robe

  • -today is the day

  • dont forget to prayfor me, Jesus told me he will put me in hell cause he could not bare letting me live for him without tourturing me, read, as many as 20 to 30 tortures going on at one time

  • -thats new jerusalem

  • -like uh glass city

  • -thats the lake of fire

  • -like lava

  • -hollie points

  • -they are, she said,

  • and Jesus Christ

  • -this is website

  • -said hollie

  • lets do something

  • -sh said, hollie

  • -showed be quiet

  • -sh hollie said

  • -but

  • prophecy, said, hollie

  • -tell on the theives

  • -of the God spoke

  • -said hollie

  • -ministry of dreams

  • -in any fashion

  • -said the Lord

  • -its God spoke

  • --and created

  • -birthed for ministry

  • -sh said the Lord

  • -ministry of dreams did not exist

  • -untill I spoke it

  • -steal and I will ruin you

  • --and make you remove anyhow

  • hey me

  • -over 1500 have stolen

  • -what I spoke

  • -said the Lord

  • -steal and and I will

  • -make you remove

  • -ministryofdreams

  • -dont alter like the ministry of dreams, a ministry of dreams, or, ministry dreams, or I the LOrd will make you remove and ruin and cut you off, be offended at the words I spoke but dont try me, saith the Lord

  • Jesus came inside me like a body my perfect size and heres how he treats me

    most of the time Jesus is torturing me to make me loose my salvation with him and laughs at me

    the Ministry of Dreams book

    this will make you say who then can be saved and its worse

    Jesus laughs at me as he bruises my body and hurts my heart in visions

    hell will no doubt have many that were born again cause persecution which is betraying by Jesus


    -this is website said, hollie

    hell visions, lake of fire -

    Jesus visions

    --this page has visions

    new visions

    -and visions

    the vision revelation

    a visions explanation -

    heres visions of me having sex, doing things, let not the eunuch say that hes a dry tree

    the revelation of Holy Ghost




    another site

    -these are all prophecy links, said, hollie and the Lord

    prophecy links -

    -dont remove saith the Lord


    the prophecy claim

  • persecution is torture, pray for me and God told me he will do this to all that come to him, and you will not believe
  • Ministry of Dreams is spoken and birthed by Jesus the Holy Ghost, do not copy ministry of dreams, ministryofdreams, or alter to like, the Ministry of Dreams, or Jesus will ruin you and make you remove ruint God told me
  • me thing

  • me facts

  • -a




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    here is all visions and dreams on google blog-spot, i took off for now

    I have a youtube

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  • a second home page with all links

    prayforme, killed all day long persecution is torture, as many as 20 to 30 give or take tortures going on at one time

    pages and pages of prophetic visions and dreams here

    over 500,000 visions and dreams on ministryofdreams

    all biblical revelations on ministryofdreams
    this is the page to over half a million visions and dreams from Jesus
    watch this site get updated almost daily

    visions scheme


  • thing ning

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  • Jesus persecutes me to make me perish

  • profile on google

    I have a book published now

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  • the robert hickman story

  • Jesus will torture you just about all the time if you get saved to make you backslide to laugh at you

  • all time persecution

  • vision exposure

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