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god has entered my body, like a spirit body. my exact size

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  • the spirit of God entered my body like a body my perfect size and showed me in visions spirits that looked like people and they said: 4-21-2013-bob, hollie showed, time, he hollie, a she one said, with God, bob its, common sense, hollie said, she fixed roof, use pole, stick, she said, hollie showed, turn, a she one came out, burgundy sweatshirt on, showed, do things, but went hammo, 4-22-2013-its time, me, many said, many hollies said again, its Jesus, appearing, looking agitated, he hollie, salutes, is shipmate again, a she hollie, one, said, both her God said, lets, many said, put it under, hollie said, she appeared, showed quit, happy face, showed fix roof, thats her, fixing roof, putting on roof cement, bob you made me look like a fool today saith the Lord, now im angering, you are stopping me pointed Jesus, thats, hollie came out, showed, rinse mouth, hollie showed, its taiwan appearing, hey, she said, thats hu hintao looking that way, in, its light missile, thats taiwan exploding, hollie, he saw, from high above, its nuclear strike on china, theres captain hollie, three ohio class subs, thats them showering, china, but hey, hollie said, thats nuclear strikes, fires all over america, but thats angry obama and its missiles sailing, he, hollie said, its russia explodig, world shaking, but theres captain, hollies in, its, four british vanguard submarines, they shower russia, world shook agin, theres Gods face like light white man, looking, thats Jesus high in the air, bob post it there, hollie said, on, ministry of dreams, same face looked from, 4-23-2013-hollie showed, lets git busy, she said, showed mow lawn, but turned into hollie hammo, like, like uh tear drop head, dengy bluish, but burgundy sweatshirt, she the rode the, and I stamp, its toro, she said, riding lawn mower, bob whats that hollie said, showed, its lawn mower in van, hollie showed, turn, she looked, like police man, thats, security guard hollie, cop, 4-24-2013-bob, thats, hollie said, top speed, its angel, its hollie on the riding lawn mower, go slower, thats fourth gear, it will last twice as long, bob, hollie showed, its, summaryback, theres, summaryback page hammo, like partial face sad man, but face went all the way, its bobby, dont hack, its, bald hammo, its hair loss caused by God, page, bob theres JEsus teases page, theres, birdy showing, bob, hollie came out to explain, pulled hands apart, burgundy sweatshirt on, dont she said, hollie showed, turn, claPPED, her hands, burgundy sweatshirt on, whatta you waiting for, she said, hollie looked, just head, pointed, dont use capitols, he said, hollie came out, changed to like beaked hollie, sweatshirt on but color changing to, come on, hollie said, she came out, its him, she said, happy, but saddening, its, anal sex again, God said, theres, its janette emenegger, hollie said, dont, worry, sh, she said, dont sell, its happy, new world order apostolic church, angel appearing, like round head of light, high above building, 5-13-2013-bob, he hollie showed, be cool, he will walk away, then take, but many friends, hollie said, hollie showed, its new hollie, new him, a she one said, God, said the r.m.s. olympic, face on, weeping big tears, there lies the titanic, it pointed, thats titanic, over two miles down, saith the Lord, 5-11-12-13-14-?-bobby, it was Jesus, showed take it easy, reel her in, bob, hollie said, put one hand on other hand, beat like, she said, another, hollie said, showed, git walking, hollie showed, turn, another, showed, waLK, hollie showed, turn, a, she hollie screamed, but another, hollie appeared, she looked at bob, you use capitol, she said, pointed, white hand, arm, and arm, hollie and God said, showed, cut it off, 5-15-2013-bob, hollie said, sh, it was Jesus, hollie said, this is a big one, you will laugh, use what youve learned, she said, put it under, hollie said, lets, doreen, and, another, hollie, God, said, they said, bob, hollie showed, pop, put one h and on other, beat down, let me show you she said, but another came out, pointed, smiled, somewhat disappeared, head not seen, but it was there, showed, eat, had on blue sweatshirt that was, like wash rag, design, its outer, she was heavier, he said, hollie said, git walking, she showed, had, dress on, bluish, light blue of light, hollie showed, turn, amber hand, hollie showed, turn, bob she said, its, hispanic woman, appeared, shes, trembling, thats her on internet, its, holy Ghost enters like body, hammo comingout, like angelic ball head, happy, with string, has like flaggs on string, shaped like, its little horn, hollie showed, go in speedway, had blue cap on, hey, your going the wrong way, another, hollie showed, turn, other way, its him, he hollie, its, the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, front, part, angel face coming out of, its, the, head of ship, its hollie like mechanic, hat on, burgundy sweatshirt, her hands were green, she put, head gasket, on car, thats, angelic God coming out, do, 5-16-2013-bobby, Jesus said, hollie said, she appeared, showed, many accounts, not opened, but theres one opening, bob its the titanic, he hollie points, like shipmate, hope he said, he, showed, it with hand, bob, cut it off, he showed, but turned into Jesus, thats facebook hacking, hollie said, like angelic facebook hammo, appeared, like dunlop tire man, hes laughing, white light, showed, turn, but changed to like martian, went blue, hollie showed, turn, like animal, he hollie, it was Jesus, a she one said, but came out later, burgundy sweatshirt on, clapped hands, bob, hollie said, a bear like, hollie mowed lawn, hat on, hollie pointed turn, like spacehollie, 5-17-2013-bob, hollie said, God said, Jesus showed time, had uh light watch on, it had a face on, it was sad, but, licked prophet, hollie had laptop, its opening facebook accounts, everyone, bob just wait, hollie pointed, Jesus came, high in the air, like happy Jesus, thats world below, face on, hey, hollie said, thats nuclear explosion, world shook, thats beast, pope, riding black horse, on top of world, coming out of, but head shaped like little horn, thats little head, bobby, its security, guard, he know knows, leave her alone, hollie said, its angie sims, bob theres two, angie and its airrid, your cracking it, thats, hollie with laptop computer, her on, leave it alone, she said, she was like cartoon hollie, but, he took in anyway, thats bob changing from him to hammo, it was uh dream, hollie said, theres hollie night vision like, its, disney angel girl, in like wedding dress, thats blue, and, white, light, but its skirt like, but wedding skirt, hey hollie said, it was disney, girl, thats her, hollie climbing up ladder, and, its, hollie putting paint brush on stick and, thats stick, with, she dabbed in roof cement, she, thats her painting it on roof, it stopped it from leaking, 5-18-2013-bob, hollie showed, showed, scratch, she itched, but was like bear body, hollie pointed, showed, its, ministry of dreams, angel, like looking down, happy, angelic being, thing, bob, hollie came out, dress on, yellow, like skirt, showed, check visions, see if they are on, 5-19-2013-bob, its facebook hammo, showing, oh darn, he said, like angelic dunlop tire man, which was blue, hollie said, but he was smiling, its anal sex again, with both, just saith God and hollie, rayven and janette, keep both, bob, hollie scratched, she had like bear body, its, im uh bear, she said, its, teddy bear licking prophet, his body was, rough blue, like furry, but red pinkish tongue which was longer, hollie showed, turn, like, bear hollie, but another, hollie showed, rinse more, bob, pointed, hollie, its him hollie gum deseaseum, most teeth gone, but they grew back, 5-20-2013-bob, its facebook hammo, hollie said, like uh partial seen, angelic being, happy, bob come on, he said, quickly, like c'mon, its facebook hammo, hollie said, he stomped, like bluish, overweight, angelic being, happy, had white in but similar to dunlop tireman angel, theres dunlop man, like tall, angelic, big built, light man, hollie showed, turn, it was him, a she one said, she got back, on computer, but, angelic bluish head, being man, formed on the screen, not looking to proud, 5-23-2013-bob, hollie showed eat, it was God, it was him, appearing, showing, you found you keys, he smiled, God and hollie said, but another hollie, appeared, she, looked at bob, see, you will get it open, both, just work with, saith the LOrd, bob its facebook hacking hollie said, theres hammo appearing like dunlop tire man, like tires built into uh man, hollie and God said, but bigger in the mid section, heavy, like, fat, hollie and God said, showed, darn it, its, thats over six hundred, seven hundred friends, but, its another hacking, God and hollie said, hollie like shipmate, changed to, its him, she said, like shipmate, standing in front of, its, m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, its tall, beautiful and white, its gustloff ship angel man, like bluish angelic face, tear up, showed, put it back, but, white angelic hammo thought, changed into hollie, thats cost over, six thousand lives, thats Jesus laughing, its population control saith the Lord, its bronzestar, hollie said, its new facebook, like angelic, unhappy, ghostman, white, 5-24-2013-bob, hollie showed time, but hey she said, there was uh face on the light watch, then had hands, but red nose and hands, they went white, like gloved, but wheres the arms now, hollie showed dancing, bob go, take out fifty out of the bank, bob, hollie, said, but didnt move lips, but thats blue hollie in background, both showing eat more, hollie showed turn, same hollie appeared, pointed, its bobby try to unlock, he said, this is uh warning, hollie said, showed, sleep, 5-25-2013-bob hollie said, its, janette, anal sex agin, hollie said, theres kelly smith, she is coming, saith Jesus, and hollie, 5-24-25-26-bob hollie said, God said, that was god, it was Jesus, but hollie appeared, just head, looked at bob, pointed at webpage then up, it was uh white finger, but rest of her disappeared, its hollie like a shipmate, its, she showed, sang, but theres Gods hammo in the background, like white angelic being, thats hammo like shipmate, like angelic, big built man, of dengy white light, bobby, hollie said, showed, its facebook hacking, thats facebook hammo, like angelic, big being, of light, bald, no hair, little heavy set, big in middle, bobby hollie showed, thumbs up, its martha, she wants sex, fuck her and then run, its sex, hollie showed, turn, showed, get new toilet, its thing that seal, wax ring, God said, he said, git walking, hollie said, her feet showed, but rest appeared, showed eat again, she was dressed pentecostal, blue dress, white like, panty hoes on, showed, its full length, bob, its facebook, hollie said, thats facebook hammo like angelic man but like built of, circles going round, bigger in the mid section, like tires stacked up, hes unhappy over facebook theft, 5-27-2013-you lie, hollie said, God said, bobby, hollie saw, its sex again, theres janette, red plad coat on, no, nude, theres moody coming up to, its, anal sex, he laughed, thats her living with you, just watch, it will happen soon, God and hollie said, bob, hollie hammo like, angelic being but not quite looking right, showed, dont, he was bluish head, its clean out septic, then mow lawn, cut grass tomorrow, its, you dont need to walk, anymore today, hollie showed, turn, like bear hollie, hollie showed, what is that, many said, its, nineteen seventy four delta eighty eight, hollie was in, lets motor, she said, see she said, spun tire, 5-28-2013-bob, its you dont need it, two hollies said, both he and she, God said, it was Jesus, God and hollie said, bob now look, another hollie said, but only appeared, theres your radio station born, theres radio station hammo, like round angelic face, dengy white, hat appeared on, but expression went blank, God said, bob, its, hollie bit lid off, but, its, lid not seen, but it appeared, its, the, s.s. lusitania, theres ship captain, looking like, hiding something, its, his fault, theres he hollie like moodie and was moodie, like shipmate, like, its, cunard employee, it was tear up, put back, hollie both times, but one time, like not to well seen hollie, big white gloved hands, very thin stick like body, 5-29-2013-bob, its apostle, thats him laughing, but knowing now hes lost, thats him reading, dont mess with me, he said, put it under, hollie showed light watch, it had face on, like smarty watch, with red nose, like heart, and was heart God said, bob, hollie showed, do something, burgundy sweatshirt on, nice brown hair, looking, like, look on face, bob, hollie was in, its new wineskin ministries, like like normal hollie but she went hammo, disappeared, theres not many there to begin with, bob, just be gentle hollie showed, she, and porter preached, give money, showed, hollie, its angelic head, looking down, like roundish face, black spec eyes, like ghost, its, there, hollie said, came out, its piano on r.m.s. lusitania, it appeared, hollie was at, wearing, not dress clothes, but, burgundy sweatshirt, and maybe gray pants, hollie and God said, but, near top, to the side, angel head looking down, in darkness, its, the lusitania, a german man said, hollie briefly appeared like shipmate, captain, its, angelic being playing one key, still works, hollie showed, its lusitania piano, its him, he hollie, a she one said, she appeared, burgundy sweatshirt on, her head on hands, sitting up but went hammo, but then blue faced hollie, its he hollie like shipmate, lusitania appearing in background, r.m.s., 5-31-2013-you see, hollie said, its on board, on deck, its lusitania, with captain william turner, hollie was there, God said, bob, hollie showed, its the s.s. olympic, its, shes like shipmate, theres shipmate hollie on, showing, back part of ship, its, huge, but, thats many hollies like shipmates, one like he hollie hammo, gown, face, all, same color, dengy white like, they busted ship, hollie showed, its still good but, thats it bent in middle if still here, tear up, put back, quick, hollie had contract in hand, its hollie like ship captain, white hat disappearing, but she showed off in background, its, r.m.s. olympic again, its still there, its, titanic, they were same, she said, hollie said, leggs showed, walk, 6-1-2013-hollie salutes, then appeared like full ship mate, then appeared, the s.s. lusitania, in background, bob, God said, hollie showed, turn, she said, bob go there, its back to computer, its hollie going hammo, like monkey, at computer, thats, like Father buske appearing on screen, like dengy, bluish screen, light bluish color, grayish lighted colored buske, hollie came out, its him, he hollie, partially appearing but full, bob its placing add, hollie did both, at, its white, but not right, theres hammo appearing, bob, its pay for facebook, its facebook hammo group, like he hollie, him, with lower mouth missing, pay for hollie, pay for hollie said, bob Jesus somewhat appeared, with people in group, 1-22-23-24-bob, God said, holllie shook, said, leave, dont, its alright, scene spun, she did to, he wont bother, hes laughing at you, knows, its, thats Jesus torturing bob, its ripping his face and its, thats gum disease being shot in by God, bob, hollie looked at her light watch, its Jesus on, big lighted dial, red gloved hands, like uh cat God, thats God pulling his hair out, changed to hammo hollie, and bobs body being heated up like on fire, bob, hollie closed it up, he wont bother, he knows, whats inside you, thats Jesus inside, its bob, like linus, and, God happy, like animal, light God, hollie comes out, sees, its kings of the earth, gatherered there, thats them wailing, its, they had it all and remembered and wept, cause thats nuclear explosion, hollie showed turn, showed bob, wait just awhile, then, thats mundy talking to you and, you took my account, but he will laugh, 6-2-2013-bob, hollie said, showed mow lawn, God said, he mowed, like uh hollie, hollie showed, its picture of, its richard obrien, hes almost seventy now, hes dying, but still rocking, bob its facebook hack, theres hammo stomping, with like, he hollies face, angelic with white and blue, hollie laughed, showed, its englewood christian church, sunday night God said, six o'clock, p.m. serice, he said, showed, hollie said, walk, only leggs but rest there, hollie showed, eat, 1-20-2014-bob, its, girls gone wild, theres JEsus, on, whipping, but dressed, thats God, licking his lips, likes, turn, hollie said, she, was at an angle, like warrior, somewhat, put it under, hollie, came out, showed, rinse more, not quite, but, showed, something else, showed, its sissy, shes old now, but, will still be alive at 81, hollie screamed, showed bob mow lawn, just do, boo, hollie comes back out, they chant, she went hammo, many he hollies, their in smokey colored room, under like blanket, dark mouths appear, above, like halloween mouths, none happy, 2-21-2014-bob, hollie showed, its king of saudi arabia, smiling, but, dont trouble, hes got it hard enough, Lord were broke, the king said, put it under, hollie showed time, light watch, hollie on dial, Jesus at first, like sneaky Jesus, hollie, like stunned hollie, 2-26-2014-bob, hollie said, had light watch, it was bright, the dial, on arm, put it under, hollie said, Jesus showed cut it off, with him, hes, sneaky, but wont get nothing, no, she said, hollies said, but babyfleas appeared, happy, looking at bob, but acting like walking, happy, Jesus showed light watch, its, time, somebody on light watch, bob, hes not looking at you, beef up pages, but dont do anything and waste your time, now you are, recruiting the whole world, for armageddon, lets, putin sang, rule, showed its watch, watch had, terror face on, putin dressed well, bob, God said, showed his watch, go, and be, fun tonight, comedy, thats what they want, give, in abundance, but steal people, heres why, you wont be there long, so take, and they will come to, 2-27-2014-hollie showed turn, many times, you dont wont record, she said, put it under, hollie showed time, bob its your time, hollie and God said, put it under, watch the world end, even rolly, was worried, cause now he knows, God is inside you, and you are ruining, but he liked you, and would go to your church, they all would, they whole neighborhood, saith God, 2-22-2014-bob, God said, now your face is ruint, and you are attacking me, and telling people what I do, go ahead, ruin the world, thats what you want, and you got it already, saith God, 2-23-2014-bob, God said, Im going to punish you, for saying that, dont ever do it again, heres janette, keep now, I will fix your face, and do every thing you want, but dont tell people what I did, and you did, hollie and God said, put it under, lets, many said, hollie looks at light watch, its Jesus, on, hapy, big red gloved hands, 2-24-2014-bob, hollie mowed lawn, and now she is, hot, sweaty, put it under, thats good, hard work, she said, spoke it, hollie said, showed cut off, 6-3-2013-leave it alone, he said, hollie said, with Jesus, it was Jesus, another hollie said, appearing, he hollie like bear showed walk, it was you, she said, im the beast, putin said, with, seven heads, he said, thats horns appearing on, its vladimir, hollie said, it was medvedev, who resigned, hey, putin said, it was part of uh, yeah, medvedev said, bob, hand showed turn, hollie appeared to, but theres him, he hollie, his hand, white light hid arm part, but it was there, in like dengy, white, pinkish setting, hollie trimmed tree limbs like angelic hollie, 6-4-2013-its pastor jester, leave alone, hollie said, that was JEsus, he said to, sh shut up, hollie said, pointed up, its Jesus, high in the air, you bob, you brought it, you exposed me as being wicked, and now even they know, saith the Lord, thats world below, and nuclear explosions coming from, thats the world sitting at Gods interviewing table, its, he made me, planet said, with white hand and face, hand on bible, God said, thats the beast riding the black horse, and theres the false prophet, on the red horse, you see these two, God said, they will want to rule the world, many said, God said, bob these people think you are lazy, why arent we getting the help we need, they think, and thats bob, going to jester, visiting, but, what is stopping him, its her, your wife, the looser, hooker, saith God, but, she will come back, and thats, with another woman, but you keep them both, you see what I do, hollie came out, it, that was Jesus, watching, with door almost closed, bob you will rule this world, it I let you, destroy the beast, God said, thats bob, with, its, an, animals heart, being given to it, if you dont believe it, saith the LOrd, he will fight you, and and get stomped but laugh at people, saith the Lord, hollie came out, it, that was putin, hollie said, it, im the beast, its, putin said, with seven heads and ten horns, you see that, putin said, its, pope, receiving a slash, its, false prophet doing, bob why wont you let me identify, God said, but, its, bob behind computer, buy the book, he thinks, theres, ten horns, popping out, God said, the red dragon flying, hey, hollie looks, rubs chin, whose face is that, on the red dragon, like serpent, its, im the antichrist, face said coming out of red serpent, theirs seven kings coming out, out of the back of the servant, saith Jesus, she is afraid, saith the Lord, hollie came out, she knew, but wont admit, bob cut that off, I dont care to share it, pastor jester said, but theres bob, wanting sex from all women, just about he sees, none are completly on fire for me, but thats Jesus, looking down at his word, he wont do it, God and hollie said, but why, if I did, saith Jesus, people will mock me, thats crowds destroying my servant, beating and burning, bob they would get you to, but you would, for the most part, have hundreds protecting you, but, they wont for long, hollie showed battery, went blue, laughed, its battery hammo showing charge me, like angelic face coming out, bob, it wont take long, hollie said, thats five minutes, hollie showed, its hard work, trim tree limbs, she showed, its man, bob do, take some, many off, 6-5-2013-bobby, hollie said, stomped foot, its facebook hammo, doing same, oh darn, hollie said, he showed, he was hollie to, God said, you got another one, bobby look pointed, hollie, its pastor jester, hes, smiling but that's him being scared to death, don't, just, hollie showed, work with, hollie showed turn, like doggy hollie, hollie looked to turn one way but showed turn other like doggy hollie, 4-13-14-2014-bob, its your church, hollie said, its church hammo appearing, like round happy face, surrounded, by, hollie comes out, like, whats around the sun, the points, bob, hollies still there with the face, bob hollie thought, cap this, its katie murphy, shes you, hollie said, he wants you to come, but you wont, sit and enjoy, thats hollie sitting in pew, by herself, now, hollie claps, facing, back, but turned to an angle, hollie looked, turn backwards, to an angle, but you will not haunt arabs, there they are looking at this, they want, their belief, they want, you to leave them alone but they will not be, your problem, people are coming to you, they are, just wondering, thats you jogging at the church, people look at you and say, he has God inside his body, hollie that shows use capital, shook yes, moved capital J for Jesus, septic tank angel, hes, up to kneck, its full, thats angel, want you to siphon out, but you wont, you will put, thats rid x, in, and it will work, much will, grass draws it out, and it, no, no, she said, another hollie said, showed get going, feet not seen, but they appeared, black socks, hard shoes, with like buckle, she wore uh dress, with like bears on, im uh bear, one said, licked the prophet, will, bob, hollie said, I made the pop, she said, with her mouth, bob, God said, thats man, writing orpahange, its hand of help, hammo, like people, and they tell him, dumtri was killed by them, and we know what bob is doing, and we dont like it, it was michael, one and two, put it under, you need an ass beating, michael, boldea said, but, he tells, theres a man, that tells, people in romania, dumitru was tortured, for his faith, but he beleives, God wanted him beat, and people know it, saith God, 2-3-2014-bob, God said, hollie showed, time, Jesus on light dial, bob, its, turkish page, its, thats something going on, hollie came out while, and, like shafts being shot, and, gray setting, some black shafts, and white, hollie thought, enough, its getting thru, put it under, hollie showed, time, light watch, Jesus on, smiling, big red gloved hands, hollie showed, its superbowl, peyton manning, winning, hes, its, denver broncos, 1-31-2014-bob, hollie shook, bob its that, katie murphy, shes being looked at, not by original owner, but, by women look like her, thinking, that looks like me but aint, its, they all want youth, thats hollie working on face, many seeking, its plastic surgery, its, face being pulled and it works, but when you get to old, it sags anyway, hollie pointed turn, went to, its goodwill, thats goodwill hammo, its like, happy face, but hollie showed, eat more, came out, fingers pointing up, Jesus high in air, world appeared, blue, face on, happy, bob, God said, hollie shakes, dont, both, 1-19-2014-bob, God said, hollie shook head, she had number, and will call, but want money, no sex, heres why, kids, many, its her body, ruint, and she knows, put it under, lets, many said, bob, bobby, hollie said, showed its putin, turned into the beast, its nuclear g8, hollie showed, stamped read quick, smiling, 3-10-2014-bob, hollie said, it was god, Jesus, hollie said, showed, its latin, its, buske, like white statue of head and kneck, hollie showed, bob its not spoken, but many know it, bob that girl trembled, and she is young, soon hooking, laughing at me, saith God, bob, its korea, hollie showed, its accurate, leave alone,bob, these indiana bible college, students, leave alone, hollie said, coming out, thats girl smiling, and knowing, Lord I spoke blasphemy, they teach it, hollie showed, its the beast, putin, with seven heads and ten horns, theres the pope, forming a triangle of kings, he lead, thats hands, hollies, showing, 8-14-2011-its pope in the fire, hollie came out, as, flames soared, i'm caregiver said, blue pointy hat on, opening mouth wide, hollie, came out, showed, its new world order stagecoach, with, thats hintao on red side, pope on, its dark hollie said, pulled by angred horse, putin appears on top, lets rule the world he said, reins in hands, he controls, horses, angry, hollie showed, its, russia exploding and unhappy russian angel, its like white bear, thats, nuclear n.a.t.o countries on fire, and its, serpent, dragon rising up, its i'm the beast, putin, said, the g8 with seven heads and ten horns, thats serpent growing and its pope coming out, its, i'm the antichrist, pope said, hollie showed, missiles, striking nuclear n.a.t.o. countries, but thats, happy, its, mexican president, hollie points, whew she said, white in mouth, signs deal with me, medvedev said, theres nicaraguan president and cuban president signing, but thats missiles striking all three countries, exploded, but thats, its, akula class stomps, hollie, bob theres your tapes, you will find, three, in, package, but you wont need she said, thats digital voice tape recorder, bob use hollie said, theres, venezuela and brazil burning, hollie flys, its pf-52 mustang fighter military jet and, africa exploded, theres hey hollie said, thats, its, moscow with many fires, in and around, whew hollie said, ones massive, thats beast pope on his black horse, riding, hollie wipes forhead, its, i'm the g8, putin, said, thats horse stopping in russia, and, thats medvedev and pope signing uh deal, thats pope sitting on his throne, its, i am God, he said, but people laugh, thats smoke rising, blocking sun and moon, its i'm moon said, but sun appears, both at Gods interviewing table, sun excited, bobby, she, does, theres your tithes check hollie said, when she, calls, just be, nice, tell her, that things will change, hollie stopped talking there, pope in the fire, thats, it, hollie said, drinking drink, she joined, they were like in glow, flames, all around, red hot, i'm its caregiver said, hollie showed, turn, golden hands, but, your going the wrong way, hollie said, showed, sleep at church, she said, sleep, said, jumpy hollie, white face, appeared again, clapped, hollie sang and danced, its like eddie money, spun around, danced, hollie danced like, eddie van halen, they both did she said, put it under, hollie showed, sleep, lay down, clapped hands, but hollie that catches came out, pointing, yellow hand, what was hollie still doing up, and angel comes out of, its taperecorder, hollie, showed, lay down, clapped hands, white face, showed, bobby its tape, angel coming out of tape, i'm good, tape angel said, thats cassette tape, it wont last forever, thats hollie going to, its walmart, just buy new, thats her looking for, its package, of three, found, she said, put it under, hollie showed, sleep, hollie said, but didnt, hollie showed, its uh cellphone, and its new he hollie on, but like thing he hollie like beaky like mouth, but it short, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, thats hollie doing things on internet, using her, its a laptop t.v. stamps, hollie, showed, cellphone, but still, thats her pocketing no money, 4-16-2014-bob I wanted you to leave people alone and I would have not, made you perish, just, wanted you to commit suicide, to laugh at you and get rid of, by persecuting, thats breaking and ripping your face, shooting in gum disease, fondling, teasing all day, terrorising, making you loose job and messing with, taking all you have and now you tell on me and people find out, saith, God, 3-7-2014-bob, hollie showed, its katie murphy, get that off, she said, its, her witness, dont let people think, there are two saith God, do it now, or I will punish you, now hear me, do it, no you wont, you wont make deals, saith God, but, im embarrased, its them, in malaysia, they are laughing, when God is torturing, the young malaysian man said, laughing, all are, saith God, 3-6-7--?-8-2014-bob, its iceland, hollie showed, showed, slow down, you got major languages today, saith God, bob, hollie showed, hollie showed run in place, showed, bob, its janette, thats her, red plad coat on, its moodie sticking out light tongue, its anal sex agin, put it under, hollie showed, just wait, starfighter, pointed, hollie, its him, driving, he hollie, thats dropping three bombs, hollie said, its massive explosion, whew we, she said, in terror, another hollie appeared in terror its cuba on fire, thats nicargua exploding, venezuela and brazil on fire, but thats subs, all with captain, hollie, thats firing, its three pointed, hollie, like shawdow sub captain hollie, its texas burning, and, both american coasts went up, whew we hollie said, put hands on mouth, terror, she saw, planes flying, he hollie in, no expression, but looked down, then pressed button, massive explosion, hollie was in terror, dressed pentecostal, bobby, its over you, hollie spun the world, thats, its nuclear fires breaking out in russia, hollie spin the world again, thats four british submarines, but great britain exploding, thats missile rising in france, but france exploded, its were the nuclear g8, God said, subs showering, its moscow, hollie saw, whew we she said, went into terror, thats many fires breaking out in russia, but hey she said, its missile rising from russia, its thats, south africa exploded, put it under, hollie saw, sleep, when you see that hollie said, its her in submarine, relaxing, but its near america, it will be on cnn, its on the day of the lord, subs around america, russian, God said, hollie saw, its show, thats bob on, acting stupid, bob, put it under, bob your show, would hit number one, heres how, visit churches, talk to people, doing things with the camera, you see, hollie said, showed, its facebook hammo, like, angelic, happy, hollie showed, showed, he showed cut it off, like birdy hollie, light watch on, white light, black outlined, thats it turning, head covering on, bob cover your head with hair, its an open shame to me the lord for a chrisitan to be bald, I will put hair back on your head, facebook hammo turned into hollie, you see she said, to make google index, page well, theres google hammo forming, into like birdy hollie, outlined, just white, it nees a variety of things on it, like, government, and, the people, and more, God showed his light watch, cut it off, bob, 1-22-2014-bob, hollie said, god said, hollie, like stunned, him hollie, a she one said, its, capitolize, use, capitol, G, in God, now, hes happy, but, om the m.v., hollie said, its his ship, the wilhelm gustloff ship, bobby, ship said, face on, start walking, its cold, zero, and you have far to go, many know now, and are trembling, black pastors, are, shaking their head at me, saith God, many, want to know more, and, go now, its to cold, you have five miles to walk, and will, but, be cold, and get home and rest, the phone rings tomorrow, come git, spanish man said, its happy, van hammo, like angelic head, of light, coming out of van, happy, oil leaks fixed, now drive for a thousand miles, and dont, wreck, and it will last a hundred thousand miles, saith God, 4-25-2014-bob, now hear me, hollie showed, its septic tank, angel, in finger system, sleeping, thats much water coming, lord help me, angel said, like, egg shaped head, and, thats it in terror, up to kneck, thats God talking to, bob, go empty, bob, did, thats, angel going back to sleep, thats angel, showing, protect me, bob, Jesus came out, dont let git to full, it wont, collapse ground, but let ground dry, then fill it up agin, saith God, 4-26-2014-bob git outta here, hollie said, changing face on her light watch, like uh him, hollie, with long nose, he was hollie head of light, on light watch dial, god said, put it under, bob, antonio said, he grunted, go home and play, soon you will have gutter fixed, it wont break agin, thats gutter, thats finger system angel, like cocky, angel of light, it was just head, hollie said, of light, but not shaped, like, hollie showed with hands, egg on its side, but not quite, thats its calling on sludge, but when it came a lot did, put it under, thats it flooded agin, bob you let it go for months, now dont worry, it will work right till you sell church god said, theres septic tank angel in tank, hes just waiting, not worried, he knows you will empty, but thats him sad, up to kneck in sewer, but thats it lowering agin, keep it full, finger system angel said, two angels, hands brought together, they are all afraid, they know about you, god said, bob, its her, she wont stop, its antonios wife, she is the guilty one, put it under, Lord I dont care, she said, but, hollie putting her out, just wait, they now know, they close to buying and never will get, God said, hollie comes out, its sex, all summer, with janette, she wore red plad coat, moodie sticks out light tongue, nice hair, 4-27-2014-there, hollie said, hes uh fucking bumb, wont work, cant get you on, but, laugh at you, tell him, put it under, work or dont eat, same oh george, hollie said, walking with him, no work, no eat, 12-7-2013-bob, hollie showed eat, bob its agnew, he does what you said, makes one real good song, but, hollie showed, it, never gets played, most dont, he knows, but thats him making his first record, and knows it due to christian, he loves hard rock, come and see me play, bob, your face now is worse then ever and God is looking like liking but thats you putting up signs, its, embarrasing to God, hollie coughs, its, God fondles servant, on internet, hollie held up sign, hollie showed, they chant boo, he hollie, under, head, cover, but went under all they way, showed finger only, it sticking out, showed, its popes image on, like, angel of light, its i am GOd, cover like smokey color, but, many he hollies underneath, but she hollie under there to, burgundy sweatshirt on, dark green like pants, hollie showed, turn, bob hollie said, burgundy sweatshirt on, dark green pants, septic tank angel, like little man inside, its full septic tank, it sleeps, 12-8-2013-bob, hollie said, showed, do, post, changed to angelic hammo, bob, its, taperecorder, you left out in van, now, go get, or do tomorrow, saith God, your horn, it will not be returned, now you know, take out, for group, or loose, all, in time, saith God, 3-3-2014-bob, hollie shook head, you should have emailed, but you will now, put it under, hollie showed time, light watch, Jesus on dial, like happy cat, 6-19-2014-bob, God said, hollie appeared, like doggy, turned to side, happy, but showed with hands, its children, she said, leave alone, but both laughed, put it under, hollie showed sleep, but take it easy on God, 6-20-2014-bob, see her, shes, hooking, shes, like janette, but doesnt want you to know, she will and you will screw, thats the problem, she wont leave, but you wont want her to, saith God, 3-4-2014-bob, hollie showed, its the land of finland, bob leave alone, they dont know anything, hollie said, showed, its finland shaking, bob, hollie showed, its the new albanian leader, hes corrupt, he wants, there, hollie said, he smiled, but didnt take, its the money, both said, put it under, hollie said, showed sleep, 3-5-2014-bob, hollie said, showed, its fleas, shes, happy, but wondering, its, the people, they like you, keep friends, hollie said, spoke it, now hear the word of the lord, you will cause no problems, for the arabs, they are going to declare, a holy jihad, on you, Jesus appeared, he didnt care either, thats it on their television, bob, hollie said, spoke it, keep your friends, they look at that and they wonder, holy spirt enters like a body, hollie said, they know, when they read, oh no, God said, they dont want to be your friend, when they find out, but, let them, master, rule, and they will keep you, saith God, you look real good, to uh young woman, let them be young, like you once were, saith the Lord, bob the arabs will have you on national t.v., they want a, holy jihad, saith the lord, hear me, it was Jesus, hollie said, spoke it, looked at light watch, Jesus appeared, happy, neither care, cause your here, they are there, 6-10-2013-hollie showed, get walking, but white hand pointed, bob its anal sex, theres janette, red plad coat, its moodie, licking lips, bobby, its add, theres skeleton laughing, skeletons in, hollie said like hammo hollie, roundish face, brown, dark background, its skeleton showed, face went somewhat blank, shows, holy ghost entered like a body, likes page, bobby its at almost eighteen thousand now, soon will be at over thirty thousand, just watch, theres skeleton laughing again, showing, lets tear wadd up, hollie, theres doreen sticking head out, but appearing, bob hollie showed, two adds, different countries, use all, thats thousands, coming, its, hollie stamped quickly, hand not seen, ministry of dreams, theres skeleton appearing, laughing, its the nuclear g8, hollie said, thats hollie riding angelic nuclear missile, it, landed in america, exploded, but hey hollie said, she saw many more nuclear fires in america, but thats obama and putin, its, them, wanting war, but thats taiwan exploding and its hu hintao riding red horse, hollie showed, seal it up, hollie showed, turn, shes like, animal hollie now, with like horn ears, its he hollie a she one said, with round face, hes like shipmate, turning, saluting, its, r.m.s. lusitania in the distance, bobby, hollie said, showed, travellers insurance, theres travellers hammo coming out from, he hid in umbrella like angelic round face of light, showed, umbrella with hand, pay, but getting to high, 6-11-2013-bob, hollie showed, its kristen love, cheerish mee, God said, bob dont, thats Jesus putting, two wierdos, in bobs path, they are to hinder saith the LOrd, bobby, God said, it appeared, hollie said, she, did do, pointed, its page, over one hundred hits, many likes, theres skeleton, its holy ghost entered me like body page, bob, just watch, hollie came out, happy, burgundy dress with was light colored, hollie saw, its like fire scene, darkness in, and its fire thing laughing, its like, hollie thought, appeared, pointed up, like snake, but not quite hollie showed, in the fire scene, which had dark background, hollie saw like angelic hollie, but snaked laughed, in the fire, hard to describe, like fire face thing, bug like body, hollie showed turn, hand not seen but it was there, just, thats it, white outlines going around, like mittoned, which was dull blue, God said, hollie showed, turn, hollie saw, its angel checking oil with hands, hes white man, still feels thick and slick, hollie shut hood, lets motor, she said, she, rubbed hands, it was uh dream, hollie said, theres hollie night vision, little wedding skirt like on, its white but top was pinkish color, its man in burn unit at hospital, face bandaged up, but you could still see beard, they were talking to, thats man inside his vehicle, hollie saw vehicle errupting into fire, he was inside, hollie appeared, thats vehicle suspended like, but on fire, he was burning inside, bob theres God, many inside vehicle was pounding hand as he and car burned, shaking head, tilting all the way back, thats more then can be bared, he lived but thats him, fixed pretty good but it would have been better if they let him die, 1-30-2014-bob, hollie showed head, showed time, light watch, Jesus on dial, like cat, big red gloved hands, and, he was, big nose, like cat, bob, hollie comes out, salutes, its, sees, the, r.m.s. lusitania, its uh shawdow ship, out in dark sea, but was light sea, bob you didnt know, but I didnt catch you, your in arabia, and, now all over, saith God, 8-15-2011-bob, hollie, showed, quit, she said, its, her, your friend, it made her, want, it your loot, hollie and gigi said, put it under, hollie showed, be quiet, bobby God said, Jesus appeared, wiped lips, hollie said, had, she, showed, go easy, its, tonight, he wont invite ya back, thats you, preaching there tonight, hollie said, call him, hollie showed, bob thats pastor stone letting you speak tonight, tell, its about cacoons, they, will love, you, and, pastor stone, will set something up tonight, he was ecstatic, hollie said, about your offer, hollie stamps, showed, its seventh day adventist group, bob your finally going to cash in, thats first saturday night and only, its a handfull showing up, hollie said, but it builds, God said, put it under, hollie said, showed, be still and know that God is good, hollie whistled, showed, bob, get on, its laptop computer, its him appearing, thats hollie painting on, building, s.d.a. gathering, saturday at seven, putting pastor its, bob hickman, stamps, hollie, but, theres Gods new hollie appearing, like, its beaks face, showed, its both beasts, theres with the, pope and hu hollie said, i'm the g8 putin said, appearing, do you want that, hollie said, its, the, hegoat appearing like two horned beast, its pope, hollie laughs coming out, thats kings coming out, theres hu hintao out of, its one, stamps, hollie, beak hollie appears, white, and, thats putin, pope, medvedev, out of other med with his flower, and thats hegoat charging to smite ram, hey pointed hollie, hey pointed, hollie, hegoat had somewhat golden face, thats stomping but changed, thats nuclear missiles, and its explosions, in, both lands, then theres, pope, sitting at, its table, stamps, hollie and theres, hintao and emperor of japan coming out of, its two horned red beast, hollie like beast, comere, she said, she watched, and hu pope said, they walked, threatened, thats both laughing, then going to own lands, thats 666 created and, take it, pope said, thats his face tattood on finger, its i am God popes image, said, 666 on forehead, hollie sealed it up, thats her, painting, hollie screamin for this reason, shut up, its pastor stone-lambert gates man said, they are alike, watch him God said, theres tank agin, hollie said, but same hollie drove, had googles on, she manuvers, its she showed, world war two army tank, still good she said, thats many being dropped off in the sea, dumped off ships, its uh waste hollie said, thats, hollie said, church angel, coming out of, its building, she stamps, but changed into beak face hollie, raised hand, building spins, leave building alone, angel said, thats hollie painting another color but leaves it white, hollie drove, its ss camaro, she, smoked back tire, hollie showed, its wizard, she clapped, wizard one o one, bob, went its, chat, hollie said, -20-2013-bob, hollie shook head, put fingers together, for a c, tell antonio, your to much of a risk, I didnt put you out, take away keys, and quit staying all night, and try to keep the water off, or leave, your choice, but im subleasing anyway, but I dont know when, bob, terry sparks, he wont come, its them, dont mess with, but they know, and he knows, leave alone, hollie salutes like shipcaptain, angelic like, its the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, thats it sliding to, rolls to side, bob thats it now, showed, angelic hollie, its on bottom of sea, she was there, but didnt get wet, hollie had, its uh glorius white robe, showed, seal it up, thats ship, hollie showed, she sang, hitlers super ship, it was full, theres four ship captains, lets git outta here, one said, thats, they do, hollie said, spoke it, bob its big, you are starting to build that account, she showed, just wait, you need new friends, but, tomorrow it will be better, you will see, hollie said, thats van parked, its on west thirty eight street, bob, go, just do, people will look at, hollie went, its to walmart, theres its hammo on front of building, just ball of white light, smiling, face on, just lips, but happy, like, hollie showed, black checkmark like lips, hollie showed turn, his hand not seen but it appeared, thats lighted outlines around, its like gloved hand but gloves looks like the one michael jackson wore, but it was blue, Jesus showed cut if off, it was gray, hollie showed, go, pointed, lafayette sqaure, lighted golden finger, hollie appeared, looking not wanting to reeveal, its blue, its group hammo like angelic head, like cartoon creation, bob its new hollie in terror, just white where eyes would be, hands over mouth, shes wearing dress, its designer, she got her face back, but, looked, normal hollie, showing bob, thats hand, take easy on account, keep, you like that above all, its getting likes, soon it will be almost four thousand, friends, just watch, people are looking at you, hollie said, its, she showed, dress on, like hollie in terror, there she is, profile picture girl, in terror, hollie showed turn, bob hollie thought, dont spend that much with that house, go by, its traub street, stamped, hollie, wearing dress, full body, record, hollie said, but wasnt speaking, burgundy sweatshirt on, dark green pants, but hey hollie said, theres angelic head down there, bob, thats your driving for interview, and thats your coming back and thats you turning into speedway, hollie stamped, dressed good, she came out, its your new page, bob its getting, god angred, thats JEsus appearing, starting to anger, holding it in, 9-21-2013-bob you see hollie said, she rubbed hands, but hey wait, she said, theres Gods hammo, like angelic man, hes confounded, but happy, stunned looking, 9-22-2013-bob, God said, hollie shook, smiled, leave alone, it wont happy, showed phone, change phone, hollie said, Gods new hammo sang, showed mow lawn, bob you were on uh desperate mission, hollie said, God showed, thats the one, the people that report block you out, everytime, heres why, they get offended, Jesus said, but turned into hollie, be nice, she looked affeared, so accounts wont go down, but thats them coming back up, lighted hand showed, account back, hollie put back, tear up, she said, but, body, only hand seen, when she did, showed, both beasts, its the pope and hu, and black horse, coming out, pope appeared on like angel man, hollie pointed, its janette coming back, moodie sticking tongue out, happy, its almost not seen, kind of, its white light, kind of, dull, bob, its go to i.u.p.u.i., get account, bye, it was, pointed, mystery hollie, but he hollie appeared, showed, whats going on, people, their in terror, he said, thats hollie acting sneaky, knows, this is timing belt, hollie said, showed, pulled tight, bob its still good, dont worry, thats it breaking soon but you still have, thats over twenty one thousand miles, you will change soon, as soon as, hollie saw, but there was singing by brand new hammo, hes, diappeared quickly, blue face, long pointy nose, bobby its, hollie said, there he is like cartoon character, dark clothes, showed, that he said, with hollie showeds voice, but he hollie appears, him, hidden hollie said, that tells, snap, hollie said, she took the picture, golden light flash, she was hidden, barely seen, hollie screamin for this reason, and I stamp, hollie said, its beast carriage coming out, its the pope hollie said, thats him on, its dengy, darker side, its, raise your hands and repeat delete after me, hollie said, sang, hu hintao, on red, bob its molly, she wrote threatening, just laugh, offer, its anal sex to sooth, its the monkey hollie said, him on van, happy, excited, sees people looking at but acts like nothing, bob its alive, its your baby, thats bob and monkey, hugging each, lets put it under, hollie showed sleep, hollie showed, om the m.v. wilhelm gustloff ship, its face appearing on, hollie showed, turn, showed, bob speedway, hollie showed, its indiana bible college on the circle, bob its every year, september, thats paul mooney next year looking troubled, knowing hes there, Lord let he said, (74)messing with me could bring the prayer-vision received 9-6-2005-God has showed me in visions a spirit that looked like dick cheney and he said, "prophet won't answer", "he'll avenge it", and I saw wallace van slyke and he said, "he does'nt appreciate", and I saw brother dell and he said, "prophet in control", and I saw this president and he said, "money's the answer", and I saw hollie and she said, "prophet won't take", and I saw this president and he said, "bab take money", "I'm p. bush".
    (75)by harming the restraints, you destroy yourself-vision received 9-6-2005-God has showed me in visions a spirit that looked like putin and he said things like, "the united states", "we'll attack if you call the police", "kill", "one less Mantle", "new prophet". The restraints are those who live for Jesus

    God showed me visions: 4-28-2014-hi, hollie said, she said, hollie said, showed get going, fast, happy, 4-29-2014-bob, hollie showed, its adolf hitler, bob, that page, hollie shook, no, she indicated, thats millions looking at, not believing, put it under, hollie showed, go rest, 4-30-2014-it just aint time, hollie said, light watch on arm, and, scene forms on light watch, its im the beast, its pope, God said, 5-1-2014-bob, hollie showed time, showed, she spat it out, shes, its, burgundy sweatshirt on, God said, 5-3-2-14-bob, its sex, with janette, your wife, tell people, what you want, saith God, but dont get me in trouble, when I exalt you, but you will, on facebook, thats hollie like hammo, wicked one, bug like light face, blasting on emails, thats email hammo, coming out of computer, like, light face, but like bug, she said, many said, hollie appeared, but only patially see, but the rest was there, moodie appeared, and tickled feet with feather, but, bottom part was dark, hollie mowed the lawn, bob it only takes, one hour, ten minutes, its, clear glas piggy bank, licking the prophet, long pink tongue, its again, hollie comes out, showed, just keep metabolism going, its work, bob it wont take you long, just do, hollie showed, janette came back, and nobody knew, its, he trembled, bishop, hollie said, smiliing, its the money, bishop said, he didnt know, but, wants money, see him, he shook, and will not come back here, but will know, the holy ghost baptism feels like a body your perfect size coming in, saith God, its he hollie, thats shows use capitol letter, looking stunned, dont bobby he said, he moved with his finger, a capitol j, the word Jesus, appears, bob god sat in his pew, showed just listen, Jesus sat in pew, this note saith God, hollie comes out, somebody clapped, moodie appeared, many hits, 5-5-2014-hi, hollie said, be nice, bob, God said, tell him, your playing and I dont care to, that, hollie said, its antonio, that, hollie said, offering, eighty nine thousand, but you wont take, and he will be sad, but you will say, no, God said, that, hollie said, 5-6-2014-bob, hollie said, hollie showed get going, not in big hurry, put it under, lets, many said, its the land of somalia, shaking, soon, bob, hollie and God said, hollie showed, shes happy, be nice, 5-7-2014-hollie comes out, is new hollie, like big doggy hollie, happy, showed fold it up, but now shows, wind up, bob, is toy, the god man, now available, on internet, you will see it with your own eyes, saith God, 5-8-2014-bob, hollie said, another showed get going, she had light red sweat shirt on, pants not seen but they appeared, bob this note indexed, is katie murphy, thats them in russia, hollie comes out, she showed walk, now, i tease to ruin people, and i rip your face, and give you gum disease, bobby lord, god said, he hollie looked stunned, showed use capital J for Jesus, showed approval, bob, im getting ruint in the world, theres janette, walking, having fun, shes the reason, and you are telling people all kinds of thing, people are laughing at me, you see that, hollie came out, its south america, shaking, sounding like valcano, now bob im being ruint, thats children laughing, about to tease approaching christians, thats the christians, walking away, his face red, children laughing as they do, bob your putting fear in peoples hearts, they are afraid to go to church, afraid of people coming up to them, bob you have sent out, over one million emails, today was the biggest day, his website, 5-9-2014-bob, God said, they want you, but keep your mouth closed, put it under, hollie said, looked at her watch, her on, with long nose, its light watch, and, she was outlined, it was mouse, hollie played with mouse, she said, hollie showed, said, go home, light red sweat shirt on, thats hollie in a semi, truck, she, sweated, bob its hard, thats terminal manager, knowing, you know and you do volunteer, thats eighteen hour day, then right back, he likes, bob you made over a thousand per week, then you quit, put it under, when your bank account, God thought, hits over thirty thousand, quit, let somebody else, saith god, terminal manager, wont care, 5-10-2014-bobby look, many said, God said, he hollie, sticks his head out, its bob and tom, mentioning you on their show, its because, we love alice cooper, tom said, hollie comes out, showed with hand, it was him, looking stunned, he moved capital J, its for Jesus, he showed his approval, showed, capital letters in GOD, bob its trucking company, M and w, bob take job, thats bob in semi truck, make as much money as you can, stop after, let somebody else have, you will be rich at twenty five thousand, it will take one year, hollie screamed, its starfighter, he hollie points, she hollie drives starfighter model, she bombs, its america below, exploding, hollies sees both coasts on fire, it was puting hollie said, she appeared in ukraine, this started it, soon he will absorb it, then go after georgia, thats putin and medvedev, putin wants him gone, to have total control, soon russia will be empire again, they want, its america, lured, to war, with them, on their soil, but it wont happen, put it under, putin will nuke america, and laugh while it happens, bob hollie saw, you get about, one hundred thousand hits per day, its there in the google cache, 5-11-2014-bob, they are affeared, they know they will loose it, antonio will stay, and and angel will restore him, but not leave him in charge, tell antonio, the written warning, were the texted, they can not get an attorney, but if they do, laugh at them and tell them, you let kids endanger themselves, and now your out no matter what you do, they cant buy, its to late, 5-12-2014-hollie mowed the lawn, bobby, fix, hollie said, its lawnmower you bought, its, lawnmower hammo, like angelic face, happy, of white light God said, 5-13-2014-bob, hollie showed done with it, your going to get married, she said, hollie said, more said to, he hollie sticks head out, nice hair, its hollie with nice hair, but uh she hollie, claps hands, showed, its, keri, sex, then, thats your marrying, she not really wanting, but liking after, thats her inside church with you, trembling, loving, soon, you two live there, and build, thats many at church, but not full, but full enough, thats much money coming to you, 5-14-2014-bob, hollie said, I made the pop, take it, she said, its, blow job, with, keri, she will swallow, like in dream, if you saw her butt, shes know, she wont want, put it under, lets, hollie said, spoke it, he hollie, him, a she one said, stuck head out, hes, like moodie, 5-15-2014-bob, hollie said, I made the pop, she said, God laughed at you, now you are ending the world, tell jester, God is ripping my face, and shooting gum disease, 5-16-2014-bob, hollie showed, she was happy, translations now accurate, its translations hammo, like, its, bug, hollie said, face of light, head, but not shaped right, like bug mouth, 5-17-2014-bob, hollie said, did something with hands, today you done it, she said, their out, thats hollie, putting antonio out, big hand, and wife, 5-18-2014-bob, hollie said, did something with hands, its somalia, shaking, it appeared, hollie said, spoke it, put it under, hollie looked at watch, now your in somalia, and many know, God said, spoke it, 5-19-2014-hollie screamed, again, showed with big white hand, its old ford truck, from the forties, hollie out of the box, she was big, partially still in, but box small, thats Gods hand, stuffing hollie in box, 5-21-2014-bobby, it was JEsus, hollie said, spoke it, now let me see, she said, showed, its the beast, pope, 5-22-2014-bob, God said, hollie showed time, showed do something, play ball, she spoke it, God and hollie said, your thailand, its thailand hammo, appearing, like angelic being, just head, hollie said, bluish light, bob, hollie said, it is the catholic, the church, they are closing, all, god spoke its, hollie said, the catholic church is gitton in trouble, hollie showed lay down, bob god said, hollie showed, its the catholic church, thats leader, its i am God, he said, its pope3 hollie said, hes the antichrist, this is the one, he doesnt know, but here is the sign, he doesnt care, but knows about you, and asks, whats he doing, i would like to meet him, but you wont, he doesnt tremble, but dreads you, knows, its the other one telling, but they dont want you, they want peace, bob its i am God, it was pope, coming out of box, the old one, but they dont care about each other, bob, its was Jesus, hollie said, she came out, people want to ruin, each other, but antonio cant and will come back with angel and he will want their money but will not let them do anything but the day will come when you will lease to antonio again but not for long, its because, you will want to sell at that point, its honda van, 5-23-2014-bob, hollie said, God said, she showed, do something, call attorneys and prepare, thats free money, coming to hollie, over, you, pointed God, its your fault, the man from straight talk said, but you will use it, that, hollie like bug face, hammo, seeing airplane move over head, another hollie in, shes, big now, God said, 5-24-2014-bob, hollie showed, its vietnam, its, over uh hundred people, that girl looked, and shook, bobby you see hollie said, even thou, thats her heart, trembling, and her walking away, and showing her dad, bob, now its starting God said, you will see wars pop up, thats putin, we want war, he said, 5-25-26-2014-bob hollie showed, how do you git away with it, its my uterus, people want sex, tolerate much, but she will leave them all and end up with you, stamp, she said, new world order forming, lets see, theres pope, she said, spoke hollie said, hu hintao, hes false prophet, and the beast, God said, brought them both together, bob hollie said, she was creaming, leave google alone, both said, hollie appeae, its him, showing use capitol J, its for Jesus, both, both he and she said, its angelfire hammo, like birdy, blue, turned to, what, hollie said, they will go, soon with out you knowing, you are embarrasing me, and thats, many said, swedish hammo, like angelfire birdy, mouth open, a little more, soon your face will be destroyed, but you walmart straight talk lawsuit, will make you half a million, dollars, they will not want to mess with you, it is all on file, straight talk keeps their records, bob they will win, pointed holle, its swedish angel hammo, like birdy head, no he said, i dont mind, thats this changing into sweden, and a man looking at, bob if they threaten you, lock out, here is why, make them loose crowd, and leave that way, thats the pope, in bethlehem, and you tomorrow, its bomb, same hollie that explained vision, flew plane, bob, hollie said, showed woman, leave alone, she said, thats her happy, or acting, but dont tempt, she wont want you, your her dad, God said, put it under, hollie said, she, yawned, bob, its israel, shaking, hollie comes out, showed, whole land, under attack, its by you, hollie pointed, bob appeared, but, then in like in, many frames, pictures of bob, next to each other, 6-21-2014-bob, hollie said, showed time, light watch, face on, got sad, its, them, she pointed, they are coming, antonio will not like, but will join them, and angel will want him out, and put him out, put it under, let them, hollie said, 6-22-2014-bob, God said, Jesus, no, hand, wiped lips, its he, him hollie, appearing, hes laughing, bob the arabs, are going to kill you, when they find you, Jesus points, they wont, theres barack obama, being told, its, joseph biden, we have uh problem, he said, its bob hickman, barack laughs, shakes yes, picks up phone, kill him, barack obama said, theres c.i.a., walking to you, and you see, but, he wont come on, but you wave him in, and ask him, why do they want, you to stop, and he leaves, thats you, asking for money and you get, but you dont stop and barack laughs, but you dont get killed, you tell the king of saudi arabia, its all right, I wont mess with, do it, he whispers, kill, he wants, 6-23-2014-bob, God said, Jesus wiped lips, but it wasnt him, its, hey, hollie said, sneaky, him hollie, laughing, hollie was like worker, she drove truck, bob it will lead to bigger and better, keep job for one year, hollie looked, suprised, its p.a.w., they will accept you, thats go to their school, and charles ellis didnt want, but he said, yes, but you were not there, but at grace, pastoring, saith God, 6-24-2014-bob, its the phone, many hollie said, God said, its, janette, in jail again, I wont see you anymore, letter said, and you didnt care, then another, please help me, but you didnt, put it under, there she is again, and you would not see her, but didnt care, its the phone, hollie said, she was on phone, its antonio, another version, bob get deposit, or dont do, they wont leave without, saith God, hollie screamed, he showed, hey hollie said, its me, bear hand, bob you can screw her, just give it time, thats hair growing back and you looking at her, and her, she, looks away, but knows, put it under, she talks to you, in time, and you make offer, she walks away, you give her card, she calls, and you go to her, but she wont let, but you force, then she loves, you, 6-25-2014-bob, hollie said, hes, cut off, showed, knows, but, wont mess with, likes, but wont come to your church, but he knows, you will get him in trouble, bob watch people like him, he will report you and laugh, but wont, heres why, cause he knows, you will get all in trouble, 6-26-2014-she said, hollie said, showed, git goin, its, church, she showed, one hand, thats happy church hammo, like lighted face, its like, dull blue, bob, its, gto, buy one, they are cheap, you will love, but, hammo got sad, heres why, its them, he said, showed, with finger, they dont have no people, and you will find, but, slowly, and they wont want to, stay with angel, saith God, 6-27-2014-bob hollie, God said, and her, theres Gods hammo, like angelic light man, he sang, raise your hands and repeat after me, if antonio shows up, leave, let them call police, saith God, 6-28-29-2014-bob, hollie put angel out, its the best, she said, appeared, bob hollie said, showed, drive truck, God said, your translations, God said, Jesus thought, rubbed chin, not it was him, hollie said, but he hollie, appears, laughs, like up to something, bob your going to be with janette, you will love you, just wait, God said, 6-30-2014-BOB, HOLLIE SAID, SHOWED, DONT USE CAPITAL, ITS, same he hollie, shoved over a J, its, capital, for Jesus, hollie and God said, put it under, hollie looked at light watch, showed, time, heres, light watch, go unhappy, its him coming out, like ghost, and showing, hes white, its belarus, its shaking, theres estonio, shaking, hollie comes out, its whole continent, she said, spoke it, she said, hands clapped, hollie appeared later, 7-1-2014-bob its bangladesh, its, sh, hollie said, hidden, till now, thats your new translation, bob, its beaming, hollie and God said, its true, accurate, God and hollie said, put it under, sh, hollie said, showed, her light watch, showed, fill out application real quick, bob its time, angel is coming, but you dont want him, so fill out quick, saith the Lord, hollie said, 7-2-2014-bob, hollie said, showed, light watch, face on, not happy, its translations, your still changing, but now you have, thats iceland, they are, not wanting you, private, hollie said, but, you will get, change all translations, make perfect, and now, they know, thats them talking, now they know, God is in him, and he is telling, thats, all of styx, last time, God put that band together, to, thats, God being entertained, they will not reunite, cause new singer, he is dennis deyoung, they wont let back, saith the Lord, 7-3-2014-bob, showed, time, its, light watch, face on, was awake, but slept, but woke up, God said, 7-4-2014-bob, hollie said, she blew, its on church, now empty, keep it empty for awhile, theres church hammo, sad, like face, of light, but got happy again, its angel lopez, hes back, watch, with bunch, god said, 7-5-2014-bob, hollie said, its hollie, like blue, outlined drawing, crying out, but turning to normal, happy, bob the people, she said, are crying out, and you cant come, even thou they know, God is fucking with you, saith the Lord, but this was hollie, God and hollie said, 7-6-2014-bob, hollie showed, wring out the towell, its angel lopez, hes on his way, now, you wont have to drive a truck, but you will anyway, thats hollie in semi, its tractor, trailer, thats it, new world order hammo, happy but Got sad, like lighted round face, showed, with light hand, its truck next to church, hammo takes bob out of truck, and whew, he was dressed nice, and puts behind pulpit, hollie and God said, 7-7-2014-bob, hollie showed time, she left, got up, she said, spoke it, God said, this time, hollie said, pointed at God, 7-8-2014-bob, hollie showed, stretch, its work time, she, went to moving company, good clothes appeared on, she interviewed, and it went well, but thats her, waiting for phone call, it never came, heres why, nobody wanted you, and you are not desired, 7-9-2014-bob, you see him, hollie said, did something with hands, bob its red, hollie and God, said, I did say, she said, you will have sex, marry red, and tell her, I dont care, stay or leave, she will go, but come back, and when you get going, thats her living with, and being faithful, and janette comes around, and you go there, and redd lets her move in, and you dont care, but screw both, red leaves, but comes back, saith God, see, its brother milliner, he will attack you tonight, and tell people, its not real, ronny milliner said, but knew, thats him, showing, I should have zipped my lip, God said, 7-10-2014-bob, God said, hollie, showed time, light watch, face on got sad, came out like angel man, showed, its angel of light, man, kuwait city, thats man, its shrugging, Lord he said, how can this be, hey, hollie said, she came out, sleeves started rolling up, its him, she said, he laughed, he did, same angel, inside bob, God said, 7-11-2014-bob, hollie showed time, showed mow lawn, 7-12-2014-bob, hollie made sound with mouth, its, like, slurp, shes, not wanting, thats her, but hollie, like wicked hollie, laughs, she is, the radio woman, and wont marry, but will die, thats door closing, its for last time, Lord I should have married, silvana said, 7-13-14-2014-bob, hollie said, showed time, its light watch, face on, going sad, its, them, he said, pointed, came out of watch, its be nice to pastor, its children, they are not telling, dont make him jelous, but be nice, gentle, hollie said, then you wont have no problems, bog, get friends, hollie showed light watch, it glowed, hurry, she said, spoke, but it was God, something pointed, but, hollie smiled, reappeared, she said, hollie said, showed, get going, God said, hollie wore, hammo thought, its uh red dress, hammo like pickle man, 7-15-2014-bob, hollie said, hands showed, thru with, its, they cant hire you, you verify yourself, and they wont do, but like it, put it under, hollie said, that man, wont do, didnt want, but wont hire, needs more money, wants help, but not you, God said, 7-16-2014-bob, leave people alone, saith God, they are, thats God trembling, and lisa, single now, watch, she looks at you, and accepts, but doesnt want, saith God, 7-17-2014-bob see, hollie said, pointed, long hand, red dress, showed, clothes, buckled shoes, bobby its dont, go, thats hollie driving spotting truck, and she got money, but didnt stay long, thats woman firing, its over, that, red, she, married, thats bob and red, marry, JEsus said, 7-18-2014-bob, hollie, she, God thought, hollie shoved over, its, capitol God, it stands for, hollie said, God, both, he and she, God said, hollie showed, walk, red dress, thats putin, it was hollie, showing, thats missile going on, hollie watches, malaysian airline, face appears in, explodes, hollie appeared, God said, thats her, wearing red dress, buckled shoes, hollie wants, you to do story, only katie murphy and bob hickman can do, heres why, God said, but, Jesus appeared, thought, its to hard to write, he wont, but wants to, saith God, hollie appeared, with pen, red dress on, buckled shoes, which, they were black, its, God said, and hollie, but, thats missile, going up, thats, hey, hollie said, thats uh russian military man, he became afraid, whoops, he said, thats jet liner, going down, face on jet liner, im doomed, jet liner said, thats it hitting, ground, exploding, thats, the other malaysian, airliner, thats missile striking it, but, hey, hollie and God said, its, accident to, saith God, hollie appeared, hey, she said, had pen, wrote, thats bobs picture appearing, its on, she said, and I stamp, time magazine, do story, it will sell, but, face looks, afraid, its, theres Gods angel, he sang, raise your hands and repeat after me, same face of jet liner, its missile from israel, thats iraq exploding, thats many rockets, leaving, iraq, thats, its, gaza shall be forsaken, God said, exploded, thats smoke going up, its nuclear, Jesus said, thats another missile, leaving, israel, the whole nation of iraq exploded, lets rule the world, putin sang, its, president of china, with, and theres mexican president, medvedev hands him pens, he signs, shakes, but doesnt want, hey, God said, its, brazil president, and venezuelan president, and dont you for get, about, me, castrol said, there you have it, but wait, God said, theres, Gods angel singling, the president of north korea, and missile going around his nation, but going back, striking, thats, hey hollie yelled, los angeles class, submarine, in ocean, appearing, but, barely, thats, its what starts it, God said, 7-19-2014-bob, hollie said, showed, light watch, she gave head, its him, go get, take now, he will let, but wont want, but watch, he will take money and run, 7-20-2014-bob, bobby, hollie and God said, hollie looked at light watch, face came out, sad, its red, she will come back, but just wait, thats your marrying her, and she not caring, but didnt leave, and you screwing, saith God, it was satan, hollie said, but looked affeared, Jesus head, coming out of white horse, and, had, like chicken feathers, which were white, 7-21-2014-she said, hollie said, showed many things, its you wont post them, hollie and God said, but, she blew, on light watch, bob its your time, thats you behind pulpit, red coming in, happy, marrying you, put it under, hollie, blew, showed, be still, 8-11-2011- bobby its time, it was jesus, hollie said, but another hollie pointed, she didnt seem to have uh nose, wiped her chin, she showed capitolize the word Jesus, but hey theres Gods hammo hollie said, hes like angelic being, no hair, tall and slendor, Jesus showed light watch, it had uh face on that was sleeping, bobby its time Jesus said, reappeared, but bob appeared sleeping, burgundy sweatshirt on, on his back, covers most of the way up, but same oh new hollie appeared, white face with no nose, God said, 1-6-2011-let go, said, it hollie said, a different one, Jesus said, hollie wore, its uh red plad coat, had on light watch, scene spins, theres, light in, hollie showed, and, another, hollie, him, said, she hollie, with like monkeys lips, put it under, hollie said, hollie showed, record, bob make him tremble hollie said, tell janette whoever dates will have uh stroke, he wont, hollie said, bob go git food, she, said, thats, hollie, feeding, its, animals, she, wore uh red plad coat, teeth showing, hollie showed, bob, its, cold, pocket tape recorder, while walking, hollie rubbed hands, you see that, she said, its 10:00 p.m., thats phone ringing at 10:01, its janette, come and, git, me, she said, bob does, take your vitamins now, hollie said, drink, bobby said, it hollie, showed, give food, she said, thats he hollie wearing, its uh red plad coat, giving food to, its janette, she likes, my problem, said, its JEsus hollie said, bob, that post office box, is, not, going, any where, said, Jesus, hollie showed, drink, it him, said new hollie, but, its, her face, a he hollie, him, said, new hollie said, you see, we're brothers, he said, hollie showed, turn, like, thing hollie, he leaned, another, hollie saw, its, indianapolis childrens museum tomorrow, take janette, thats them both walking, hollie was happy, but janette, I didnt care she said, lets go screw she said, afterwards, bob rent motel, thats them at, its motel, janette wore, its uh plad coat, prophet hickman, said, it hollie said, smiling different, hollie, she had golden hair, was happy, hollie showed, turn, him, its, hollie said, bob, get, laptop out, he showed, watch sex, hollie showed, turn, like mostly silhouette body hollie, it was amber a she hollie, said, coming out, he showed, but turned, yellow, thats hand showing, you did not want hollie showed, theres him in, God said, its, like, changing hand, like, white gloved and like water, see this bob, said, it, Jesus, it, he, said, gas at 2.99 said she hollie, but thats o.p.e.c. having meeting, its soon, lets slash, said, king of saudi arabia, hollie showed, no, thats slash, rock and roll, legend, playing guitar, hollie screamed, whats the, reason, hollie said, screamed again, its pope, riding the black horse, its into russia, pope said, thats, him, said, he hollie, signing deal, with medvedev, it, gains, some advantages, pope said, put it under, hollie said, hollie showed, turn, like happy hollie, thats pope in fire drinking his drink, hollie looked stunned, he wore skirt, its light skirt, she said, and I we stamp, hollie said, showed, bath, thats hollie cleaning up, have uh wish, said, it Jesus, he hollie said, thats how I almost went broke, said, it angel, hollie said, you see that church hollie said, theres no parking, bob, its, people will leave hollie said, untill you buy some land, they will, she said, sell it to you, but, it will cost to get rezoned, dont buy that church, hollie said, you need to record, said, it hollie, they marry said, its him, said, babyfleas, shes back, showed, her teeth, hollie, its him, said, she hollie, appeared, she showed, lay down, but clapped hands while in bed, its janette, bob she'll come back, she loved you, but, you wont get her hand untill she, bottoms out, hollie got word from God, it, will happen when her friends turn on her, it, was, Jesus, said, it, hollie, said, new hollie, showing, turn, 6-27-2010-bob, hollie and God said, hollie showed, time, that's light watch, you see, face on light watch said, its janette, shes hooking, and wont stop, God said, you see, light watch said, shes, not able to, cause, its her only way, bob theres you and Kelly, its smith, hollie said, cause, lets put it under, Doreen, and hollie and many others said, hollie showed lay down, but, its him showing turn, like wicked he hollie, him, God and hollie said, its, r.m.s. Lusitania, hollie salutes like shipmate, its, hes not on board, theres angel head coming out of ship, but hollie shows, oh no, another appeared looking at bob, just face, ship starts sinking, its captain turner, I did my best, he said, its fog, that's heavy fog, ship comes out, that's submarines, piloted by same hollie, it, lets fire, hey, hollie said, its filled with many hollies, mostly men, but theres, she hollie, like submariner, lets fire, captain and God said, that's torpedo, and, and ship exploding, its on the side, Jesus showed light watch, face was sleeping, 8-7-2012-shes my friend, it, was Jesus, that, hollie said, hollie showed, God rising and falling, hollie got drink, but it was disappearing, it, was, hey bobby, theres Gods hammo, hollie said, hes blue head, kind of into things, its new hollie showing, terror, war sireens blowing, blew, thats golden megaphone with head coming out, showing, hollie came out, claps, hey, its, theres Gods new hammo, was blue head, now golden, coming out of megaphone, you see, hollie said, you she put in the fence, thats her sticking in the ground, hollie showed, turn, but thought, showed, go, the other way, colors changing, bobby, hollie said, showed, hands on face, its, she, showed, lay down, she was, happy, thats dark cloud moving over, warrior, angelic hollie in, hes like shawdow, roman soldiers hat, hes, gray, blinks, he hollie on hill, cloud thunders again, warrior hollie in, hollie shows, its u.r.l. redirect, hollie showed, play guitar, but, theres another, hollie appearing, shes kind of, not so, well groomed, but full head of hair, hollie screamed, its two different hollies but one not heard, 8-8-2012-hollie showed, its time, moved hands, look at your website, that is what doreeny said, hollie did say, moodie played music, but, hollie came out, faces are changing, but her face, mostly blank, just light that was, dull, it was pinkish, hollie said, hollie flushed, toilet, he looked at, its the mechanicals, thats her looking on, net, but hey, theres Gods hammo, partially appearing, like white head, its angelic, white robe, outlined in like grayish color, thick outlines, hollie salutes, its on board the, r.m.s. titanic, but, theres Gods hammo, its like angelic white head coming out of front of ship, just looking but changing, hollie showed, its, travellers insurance, thats umbrella appearing, thats, hollie, checking, dialing number, phone not seen but blue phone started appearing, hollie had, its cellphone, but wait, hey, theres Gods hammo, coming out, hes head, blue, leave it alone, hollie said, they, chant boom hum, hollie said, but new hollie appeared, it was a older hollie but, this time, like, just outlined, dark cloud thats huge moves over, storms, warrior hollie in, roman soldiers helmut, hes like gray, he hollie on hill, happy, atlast he said, held hands up, but hand, not right, like, changed into bear, then bear appearing, muscle shirt on, it was red, God said, hollie showed, its tom tom club, its cartoon, thats Father like man, laughing, he likes, hollie reeled in people, but no rod or reel, thats, many on facebook appearing, he hollie there to like moodie, but different, brown face, not shaped right, but seeming kind of, its, hollie came out, like pictures that are like squares, stacked, hollie screamed, its, tom tom club, she said, like, mad hollie, like Gods hammo head, but round like and angred, or stunned, tear up, its new hollie, its, shes going monkey, had hat on, showed, go, but, kept changing, 11-24-2014-bob, God said, its profile picture, thats her appearing, bob it is scaring people, they tremble, this note, will terrify, hollie claps, shes like, its a waitress, hollie and God said, septic tank angel, inside full tank, and pool hose going in, its dark, hollie said, thats angel like, hes skeleton ghost man, just hanging around, and pool hose siphons out, angel stunned, and it is empty, keep, God said, dont put to many visions on, people tremble, and this note will go on all them walls, bob you are embarrsing me, in israel, saith God, and I am showing, your people, their elijah is here, about one hundred thousand will know, bob, hollie and God said, soon you will look you and work again, but will not be happy and you will push against me, its on facebook, God and hollie said, and i stamp, hollie said, its the beast, pope, arising, like angel of light, most of the world is covered now and your blog is destroying, angel lopez, wants a church, and can not have yours, but will build, bob i am seeing the world get ruint, saith God, it is now happening powerfully, cause of all your translations, and they are accurate, even russian is perfect now, only greece is left, and it is perfect, i need to ruin it myself, saith, you see that, its stealth, f-35, lightning joint strike fighter, and new chineses detection device, thats signals coming from, and bouncing back, bob they cant detect it now, the fighter is now obsolete, but with the electricity turned on, its electric skin, thats radar beams bouncing off, that fighter will destroy the world, thats hollie with another, lets nuke, she said, thats them firing on russia, and jets leaving russia, many nuclear fires in russia, but thats a big massive one in alaska, thats west coast, with many nuclear fires, and east coast going up, thats barack obama pressing nuclear button, its russia exploding, saith God, hollie said, but thats the middle of usa exploding, and many nuclear fires alomg the mexican coast., that, hollie said, showed eat, she did, 12-2-2014-its hollie like work hollie, she was at, and i stamp, hollie did say, holland motor freight, bob not there, pointed hollie, here is why, hazmat, you will need it, they will not give it, dont tell, make him jelous, saith God, its thorntons, hollie showed, dont tell, bob, bobby, wath your mouth, they said, hollie, God, usf holland, they will hire, and will not care, but you will look good, screamy, its, hollie did say, hollie went to, she will, holliie seperated from the, its computer, it appeared, hollie did see, you see, i destroy, its it was the news, paper, bob you were on headline, that is time magazine, and you were on, bob they are looking at, criminal charges, speedway police department, they want to hire, but not as, criminal, it is, bob you are not going, its is, and I stamp, it was hollie, to, holland, they are not, 12-6-2014-bob you are, God and hollie said, trembling to much, it is showing up, but you can not do one thing about it, and you will not pass, not untill I quit and I wont untill you die, no matter what you do, so I wont fix it, saith God, and it will cost me. Jesus, hollie comes out, rubbed chin, the whole world, 12-10-2014-bob, God said, hollie showed time, light watch, that girl, next to you, wont have, dont ask, now saith God, thats birdy, on light watch, bobby, it said, moving, its, gaining, not God, you are, knocking out the world, thats world shaking and people are knowing, saith God, 12-11-2014-bob, hollie said, its her like workman, shes, holland, she stamped, scene spun, beast coming out, its, pope, hollie said, sh, she said, dont tease, just, hollie showed, thats her, shaking yes, but what will you do, thats you, and she says, no, but will say yes, put it under, bob marry, its your marrying her, its, false prophet coming out, its hu hintao, hollie said, thats hollie hitting, its like water cloud whirlwind, a dangerous time, God said, its beast, lets rule the world, putin sang, and, pope on black horse, hu hintao, rode red, God red, hollie in his, red flying saucer, fired, and, its, hollie sang, raise your hands and repeat after me, she sang, nuclear hits on taiwan, thats smoke coming up from, its, hollie, him, in yellow submarine, bob, they get back together, and do beatles, again, saith God, 12-13-14-2014-bob, hollie dod the screamin, get ready for work, get uh physical, with lo, bood pressure, this is holy, hollie, stamp, and i, soon your wife will be, bob, you are not going to get full time, hollie showed, it will soon be, cold, man, go, hollie said, showed, sanding face, but no emory board, it was he hollie, was thered, god said, was there, she said, it was hollies, inward hollie, like face on heart, showed go git weight loss pills, bob they work, hollie and God said, put it under, hollie said, dont tell him, its dohorn transfer, bob they cant hire you, no hazmat, they wont accept it but will talk to you, its here, hollie said, theres santa claus, bob go buy charlies christmas present and send so they will have something, they will like it, no matter what, bobby git out of here, its dohorn, you will start, find another job quick and just dont show up, they wont care, you will work, somewhere else and wont miss, westside transportation, will hire you, call shaun, he will say come on in, bob, now hear the word of the Lord, God showed cut that off, its advertising overseas, bob you are hurting people and they are hurting already, you will go to the church tomorrow and they will not put you out, look at thats, its google indexing, like angel head coming out of google bar, of white light, it was blue, hollie said, coming out, she had uh dress on, Jesus showed stop, but hollie screamed, and I screamed, hollie said, showed, get going, thats, hollie, getting laptop, leaving, bob leave him alone, hes trembling, hes wants uh job, and you are it, he said, put it under, hollie showed, sh, I have uh warning, it was hollie, showing get going, bob there, God said, its dohorn, you will like it, dont go back to estes, its to timely, saith God,