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Ministry Of Dreams

worlds only holy ghost filled man. bob hickman
the Holy Ghost entered my body, like a Spirit ghost body, my perfect size, which is ACTS 2:38 and births, and speaks after much prayer, holy spirit says: call it ministry of dreams, and speaks, the ministry of dreams, disclaimer

Ministry of Dreams did not exist till Jesus spoke and created in, and many have stolen an altered to like, the ministry of dreams, ministryofdreams,

Jesus the holy Ghost speaks: Ministry of Dreams is bible prophecy

the holy spirit baptizm feels like a body your perfect size coming in like me floating into you or you into me.

My body feels hot, vibrates, is electric,

and the gifts of the spirit of God are,

speaking in tongues and interpretation, thats somebody can talk and say what they want, but at that instant I hear them say something else in their voice like, dont trust me,

prophesying is fellowship of the Father, thats staying in visions all day, thousands of visions per day,

the gift of healing is, whoever I walk upto and say they prayer, they get healed,

the gift of miracles is, I can say a prayer like Jesus feel up all the oil wells in saudi arabia, and they feel, and tell the kind of saudi arabi that, and more.

how long will, bob hickman, of, ministry of dreams, live-I bob hickman, came to Jesus at the age of 32, after the God, the holy ghost entered my body like a body my exact size, and since that day, Jesus started terrorising, ripping my face and fondling me and shooting in gum desease and appearing in visions and teasing and insulting and threatening me, and causing my body to heat up like its on fire and many more things, tortures, usally all at the same time and its 11-22-2013 now and ive been very sick and my skin is missing of most of my face, you just see red, its muscle, where skin used to be and God is striking me harder and harder. Death can not be far away for bobby hickman.

God jumps into my body like a fire body with eyes; when God the holy ghost entered into my body like a body my perfect size, I saw Jesus like a fire man with eyes, run toward me and shrink to my size as he ran and he leaped about 50 feet right into my body and I felt the fire burning inside. Now God inside me feels like a little electric ball moving up and down and all over my body, like a fireball, electric ball

allah entered into my body like a body my perfect size, like me floating into you, its the spirit of God inside of me

  • buy book: visions of the beast with 7 heads and ten horns, new world order, reign of the antichrist, I saw in visions, what gabriel the angel told daniel was seal up untill end

  • the ministry of dreams disclaimer from the Holy Ghost


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  • angels, Jesus, visions of

  • GOds spirit entered into my body like a body my perfect size, and creates, Ministry of Dreams, and speaks
    the time is coming when people will hate God so much they will steal the name Ministry of dreams to make this prophet fall, and I Jesus, will make all of them fall for takchristian visions, last days prophecies, end times visions
    HolyGhost enters me like body perfect size and shows me in visions spirits that looked like people and prophetic scenes and the ministering spirits describe:
    holy spirit enters me like boby perfect size, be my facebook friend
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  • Jesus saves me and creates ministry of dreams

  • dont not copy, alter, or steal ministry of dreams birthed by the Holy Ghost, italian visions

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  • vision of Jesus-received december 2011-in this vision I saw Jesus and he said, "go to heaven".

    the beast bob hickman-vision received about 12-23-2011-in this vision I saw, bob hickman, and he was wearing burgundy sweatshirt and looked angelic and he said, "I am God".

    turn-vision received 12-27-2011-while driving my van in indianapolis I saw hollie appear and she showed, turn, into, speedway gas station.

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  • Jesus tortures his children all day to laugh at them and make them perish after the surrendered all

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  • Jesus killing me persecuting me and told me he will do it to you if you get saved

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